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A Taste of Korean Temple Cuisine

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I recently had the opportunity with Funday Korea Networks to visit the Korean Temple Food Center in Insadong and learn about temple food culture in Korea. During the one-day cooking class, I learned how to make lotus root sujebi or hand-torn dough soup. A traditional Korean dish make with simple ingredients like flour and water for the dough and zucchini and carrots for the vegetables. 


I really enjoyed hearing how much care and mindfulness went into the ingredients and hearing the meaning behind the dish we learned to prepare. I can definitely see myself coming back again and attending one of the center's Saturday cooking classes for foreigners to learn how to make a different dish. I recommend the same to anyone who wasn't able to attend. 


This experience has inspired me to participate in a Templestay program and learn more about Buddhism and temple food. Thank you Korean Temple Food Center and Funday Korea Networks for a wonderful experience. 






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