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[2019 Seoul Trail Festival Contest] BEST REVIEWS 3

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Archana rawat (India)


  • bensendendahaguzel

    #seoultrailfestival #seoultrail #서울둘레길축제
    #서울둘레길 #fundaykoreanetworks #fundaykoreannetworks #능원사 #seoul #hiking #nature #temple #단풍 #foliage #maple #korea
    #mountains #북한산 #도봉산 #weekend
    Seoul trail festival was a grand event for bringing so many nationalities from around the world to this gorgeous mountain called bukhansan. Although this wasnt my first time hiking , the experience of hiking with people from so many countries in the jungles of bukhansan was quite a unique experience.Although the hike was a bit tiring for someone like me it was still good to walk in the nature and rejuvenate oneself from the fatigue of busy urban lifestyle of seoul. Most importantly the hike seemed to be giving out the message that although we are from different countries having different cultures , WE ALL ARE ONE IN THE ABODE OF NATURE . We can walk together and be together because we all face the same ups and downs in lives, like we did during the hiking .We all are a one huge family with different branches .
    I saw a lot of korean senior citizens on the hike , i am quite amazed that old people in korea love hiking , they are so full of energy and spirit that seeing them hike so enthusiastically actually gave me courage and strength to hike and be strong not just during the hike but also in life.

    My favorite spot in seoul trail was a temple called neungwonsa..I was quite amazed and thrilled with the exuberant beauty of this unique buddhist temple. I have been to plenty of buddhist temples throughout korea. But this temple in particular caught my attention for flashing bright golden colour. I have never seen golden color being used in dancheong before(단청,korean traditional art of colorful wall painting). This temple is so mesmerizing with dobongsan in the background .
    Thanks a lot to funday korea networks for organizing thus event.

    서울돌레길 축제는 아주 특별한 행사라고 생각합니다. 전세계 여러 나라 사람들은 이렇게 같이 등산하는 모습을 처음봤고 문화,종교와,언어는 달라도 다 같이 한 흐름에 평화롭게 같이 뭔가를 해나갈 수 있다는 것이 느껴졌습니다.우리는 전세계 어느 나라 사람인지,또 어떤 문화를 따라하는지랑 상관 없이 같이 걸어갈 떼 서로 힘이 되는 것에서 우리는 다 하나의 큰 가족이라는 메시지 전달 되었던 것 같았다.
    제가 서울돌레길에 너무나도 마음에 든 명소가 능원사였습니다. 금빛 황칠단청으로 가득찬 이 사찰은 제가 아직까지 방문했던 다른 사찰들이랑 달라도 너무 달랐다.


Estherlyn Hanjaya (Indonesia)


  • cozymoodz

    [ This year marked my second year of living in Korea. Bustling city, vibrant nightlife, soju and maekju.
    Its been months since I first suggested my friends to go out and feel the autumn breeze. But never did we actually grab a date and plan it seriously.
    And then I saw @funday.korea.networks posting this event on instagram and I was so excited I invited a lot of my friends (only one ended up coming though)
    This event had EVERYTHING I had ever wanted! Im a people person and love socializing with new people and it BLESSED ME WITH NEW FRIENDS  (check out second picture) it also made me realize how wrong I was to miss appreciating Korea’s wonder beauty, its mountains and nature (The first picture featured is my own nominated #BESTSPOT) It was really dropdead gorgeous up there and Im so glad they made this observatory deck, its genius! Also, I love the healthy sandwiches provided for lunch and I appreciate all the volunteers and organizers for helping this event to happen.

    Oh right! On top of that I think the most rewarding part of this trip is going back to dobongsan station to find out that they have the MOST BEAUTIFUL FALL TREES EVER (see pic collage till the end) the path was so pretty I took tons of pictures.

    Once again, this was a really worthwhile trip, a fun and rewarding one! Thank you to all the wonderful people involved making this an unforgettable trip.
    #SeoulTrailFestival #SeoulTrail #서울둘레길축제
    #서울둘레길 #FundayKoreaNetworks #Fundaykorea 


Vera Panusova (Russia)


  • forestdumb

    [ Hi everybody! I'm back to the Instagram with some news to share with you! Today was my first time with @funday.korea.networks and also the first time I went to #Bukhansan

    To tell the truth, I have always avoided hiking and climbing the mountains (although it is almost impossible in Korea), but a few days ago I decided to challenge myself with a lovely seonbae of mine @bailuzhang and registered for the program.

    We gathered near the entrance to the park at 9 a.m., met our team members, did stretching together and then started our journey to the beautiful world of Korean autumn and breathtaking views of the mountainside.

    Even though sometimes the road was difficult and tiring, I enjoyed the walk. Everything was perfect, from the weather to the organisation. We had lunch and got small nice souvenirs and snacks, watched the concert and had a great time together. which I appreciate a lot.

    #SeoulTrailFestival #SeoulTrail #서울둘레길축제 #서울둘레길 #FundayKoreaNetworks #FundayKorea

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