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Sunchang Sauce Festival

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It was one of the best trip in this year as I live in korea around 3year I didn't heard about sunchang city and this festival,I really thankful for Funday korea to given this chance to attend the trip was organised well from the beginning until the end we meet new foreign students,understand korean culture more (as korean people can't live without 고추장) , had experience to stay in korean traditional house (한옥) It was wonderful more than five stars hotel also had experience to made 고추장 sauce and know the secret of the tests and given us the madding of the sauce, I really appreciated for the head of this organisation ,staffs and all participants to made the event amazing memories will not forget it 

finally I will leave some pictures about this festival 

thank you again 3739775355_1572429834.4287.jpg3739775355_1572429868.6166.jpg3739775355_1572429887.1313.jpg3739775355_1572429932.3512.jpg3739775355_1572428974.2025.jpg

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