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Last sunday, thanks to FUNDAY KOREA NETWORKS ,we made new friends, get to know Korean histrocial site, and plus amazing delicous ddeokbuggi (it was buffet). The Hanyang Doseong is stone wall build in 1396 in order to protect the country from the outsiders. The wall long stretches from Baegaksan to Inwangsan, up to 18.6km. This time we visited the one part of the wall in Dongdaemun station exit 9. From up there, you can actually see the whole Seoul along with Namsan tower from the other side. We want to express our gratitute to FUNDAYKOREA NETWORKS always making nice trips for Foreigners residing in Korea, and giving up opportunity to discover the South Korean beauty, culture, and tradition. We really had fun. Here are the some photos we took.Hope you like it ~~ 


Our team name: SaNhEca








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Funday Korea Networks Date

Thank you for participating in our tour, SaNhEca1 We are very happy to hear that you have enjoyed it!
Those photos are gorgeous! We hope to see you in the future again~ :)

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