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On the 18th of October, I had the chance together with 33 other expats currently living in South Korea to visit the 14th Sunchang Fermented Food Festival (제14회 순창 장류 축제).



After approximately three hours of a bus ride, we arrived at the festival area in Sunchang. The city is known for its gochujang (hot pepper paste). 


Our first task was to participate in a small flash mob, a dance about the Sauce in Sunchang. It was not that hard and since it was short (only about 1,5 minutes), it was funny. 


After our performance, we walked to some traditional home where we had the chance to taste some tasty Korean food which includes also the famous sauce. Since on this trip everything was related to Sauce, we also prepared a Sauce afterward. 





The exploration of the festival area was interesting since the area was huge and we could explore many kinds of stuff and of course could try many different things, especially regarding food. 


In the evening we went to our accommodation in a traditional Hanok village, the rooms were quite basic, but the location was calm and beautiful. Especially in the morning when the fog was still in the mountains, the place had something mythic. 







On our second day we visited a museum which is related to Sauces, we could find sauces from all over the world there and of course a huge area about the history of gochujang. Performing the dance, the second time on this day was not that smooth anymore since all of us were a bit tired and the professional leading dancers were missing. 


Since we received a lot of different sauces as gits, we drove fully packed home to Seoul. It was a cool experience to visit this festival, I really like the experience and would join again. But be aware, you must like sauce :).

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