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On September, 29th I had the chance to join for my first trip with Funday Korea Networks including an overnight stay. I was quite curious about how it would be. 


We left quite early in Seoul since we had a long bus ride ahead of us. In the beginning, everybody slept on the bus to get some sleep. The first stop after about 4 hours was at Geonbong Temple in Goseong, where we had lunch. The exciting thing about this temple was that it is only 2km away from the North Korean border. Because the temple was built in the mountains, we had a very nice view.





Next, we went to the DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone). There we visited the Goseong Unification Observatory. From there we had a nice view of some mountains in North Korea. Especially impressive was the DMZ Museum. For me, as a German, it was exciting to see how Korea sees Germany as a role model for unity. The museum had something very peaceful if you consider what has happened in the past.



After a delicious dinner, we stayed in the traditional Wangok Hanok Village. For me, it was the first experience to stay overnight in a traditional Korean accommodation. - Very exciting!

The next morning we tried a Korean game that was really a lot of fun. Afterward, we were allowed to make a rice snack. Since we were very fast we had time for a short stop at the beach. I was impressed by how clear the water was there - the shortstop was more than worth it because the weather was different than expected and very nice.

Last but not least the actual part of the title of the trip was on the agenda. The visit of the Joseon Dynasty Confucian School. We had the opportunity to put on traditional clothes and learn the Joseon Confucian manner. Furthermore, we could listen to a nice concert, after some classical songs we were very surprised when they played three Beatles songs.




After that we went on the long bus ride home, unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic jam, so we spent longer than planned. But at least we could see a nice sunset.990198212_1571320507.5068.jpg

In summary, I can say that I'm still totally enthusiastic about this trip. It was the best experience I've had in Korea so far and I'm really looking forward to more trips with Funday. 

I can more than recommend a visit to Goseong.

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Hello again, Patrick! We are grateful for your reviews, and we are very glad that you've been enjoying our programs! Your review is absolutely helpful to us :)

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