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Attended the 2019 Seosan HaemiEupseong Festival and it was great.


We met up at the station and were all registered before getting onto buses. They did a head count so nobody gets left behind.

Things are fully organised before arrival in Seosan by multilingual staff which is fantastic! I was impressed that they were able to speak several languages.


We got there and had lunch next to the fortress before heading in to change. Everybody got to do everything they had apply for (government exam). We paraded through, so rather than being the usual observers we were the actual entertainment. We were fully immersed and participating in the festival.


We get to the "ring" or "stage" where the written exam was taken, then the martial arts. We were on Olleh TV which is awesome. It was a brilliant opportunity to take part in such a big festival. Going into the ring was clueless but that is what makes it funnier and more memorable. Long as you're not shy at being the centre of attention then you're all good! Afterwards they had many peformances. Most of us sat in the shade as it was very hot, but not long after they provided us with some water!! Just what we needed.


We headed to the next activity whichwas the stone fight. My team won of course :)! We got some prizes which we basically all ate haha. We had some free time afterwards to explore different areas and see more performanaces. However, it was extremely hot so most of us just chilled.


Later, we left and gone to a temple which is only accessible when low tide. It was a small but peaceful place. The sunset made it a perfect moment. After another 40minutes drive we had a buffet dinner which was an interesting and odd mix of food... but it caters everyone's dietary needs. Finished the day by dropping us back in Seoul.



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