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Joseon Dynasty Confucian School Experience

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Writer AlonaGubalane Hit 132 Hits Date 19-09-30 11:35



Hi Fun Day Korea,


First of all, thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I did not expect it to be this cool!

The event was well organized and the accommodation was tremendously great. People were very friendly too.

We were all strangers but you made us feel like we are a big happy family together even just for few days.

I got to witness, to learn and be part of the different korean traditions and culture, all for free! What more can I ask for?

Also, the guides were very patient in translating whenever we have activities. Thanks for the effort. I really appreciate it a lot! 
This event was truly a success and a memorable one. Thank you for giving us foreigners a meaningful experience like this.

It truly made me love the country even more. I will definitely go for more events in the future. Thanks and keep up the good work!!



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