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2019 Funday Korea Networks Global Supporters Review

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Writer MPYANA MERLEC Hit 288 Hits Date 19-09-24 18:55



It was a great opportunity for me to join the Anseong Supporters Tour ( September 7, 2019) on behalf of #FundayKoreaNetworks. I had a chance to learn the Korean traditional dance, taste the delicious "Bulgogi Stew" and the grape from the Anseong Oha Grape Farm, and enjoying the Baudeogi Performance.

Thank you to the Anseong City Hall and #FundayKoreaNetworks for appointing us as #AnseongSupporters to promote the Anseong Citizens Sports Festival.

#anseong #anseongsupporters #안성 #안성서포터즈 #fundaykoreanetworks #fundaykorea #펀데이코리아네트웍스 #펀데이코리아

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