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Tradicional performances with extra surprises from Anseong

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Having the opportunity to join the preparations for the Namsadang Baudeogi Festival in the city of Anseong is one of the things that only few foreigners can show off, and thanks to Funday Korea Networks it was possible for me to be part of it… even if this was only the preparation it was packed with tremendous surprises:

  • picking our own grapes from local vines (the city is known also because of its grape production),
  • tasting the famous local bulgogi dish,
  • being recognized by the city as an international supporter, and
  • watching one of the performances I had in my bucket list (eoreum: tightrope dancing)

... what a trip to remember!!

The festival will be held during the first week of October, so you still have time to get ready and travel to the city of Anseong, which is only 70km away from Seoul, perfect for a quick visit, join the festival and go back to Seoul (or even stay for the weekend and enjoy the city :D)

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