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Field trip to DMZ

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Second day after coming to Korea I spend in DMZ, maybe it sounds crazy but I enjoyed it very very much :D

When we went there I couldn’t believe that place with military base can be so peaceful and cozy.

Kids were playing in the park, couples were taking photos in beautiful environment. I LOVED IT A LOT!!!


At this trip we not only had fun but, also learned  more about history of two Koreas and experienced what it is to live in military conditions. Aaaannndd we visited places were was filmed one of the most popular K- drama: “Descendants of the Sun”!

Isn't it cool?

2009344727_1568769407.8235.png                2009344727_1568769466.9339.png


I guess the gratest thing was... to meet amaizing people and be part of "Funday Korea" event!



2009344727_1568770155.1589.png       2009344727_1568770192.3952.png



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