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Amazing two days with great friends to DMZ

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It was a great tour to DMZ, where you can feel the hope of peace, the horrible impact of war and the division of the Korea. 

We went to Imjigak peace park, where you can see the No-return bridge; then third tunnel, which was built by North Korea and Dorasan observatory, where you can see the North Korea land. And we stayed overnight in Greaves Camp, which used to be US Army camp. I am surely this trip will be great for those who want to understand more about history of Korean war, the division of two countries and the hope of peace in Korean Pennisula 2709142868_1567484619.8542.jpg2709142868_1567484624.4917.jpg2709142868_1567484633.1564.jpg2709142868_1567484638.6527.jpg


We also visit Jangdan Bean village, where we had a great bean set meal, which was absolutely delicious.



And of course, two days one night tour, i have made a lot of good friends and surely we will enjoy coming trips from Funday Korea networks.


Thank you

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