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DMZ trip was amazing!

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Photo by @jullibah



The last weekend I joined thw DMZ tour with Funday. It was an amazing experience to walk around the frontier of these two countries and enjoy the touristic places they recreated on this area, which enclosed a lot of sad memories of Korea's history. 



Photo by @jullibah



The night tour at the Camp Greaves and staying over night at that place was fantastic! I never thought I will be able to experience how is militar life in Korea. Plus, because it is part of the locations of the KDrama "Descendant of the Sun" on 2016.



Photo by @jullibah



Visiting the Dora Obesvatory and the 3rd Tunnel was a shocking experience. Learning how one country tried to cross the limits and attack the other... It was sad to look through the long view lents and see how the near North Korea is from its sibling land. 



Photo by @jullibah



I hope more foreigners can join this kind of trips and can have these and more experiences about culture and history of Korea.

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