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Amazing trip!

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Daejeon hotsprings festival was always that event I wanted to go, but due to schedules I had to give up several times. However, this year I did not give up and thanks to Funday I had the chance to visit and enjoy. Certaintly, it was the hottest day of spring I have ever felt in Korea, but also the most joyful and relaxing time I have lived in this country. Relaxation was the key word during the whole trip! Enjoying a footbath in the hotsprings... really really hot water but it worth it ^^ . However, the things turned a little with the water gun battle! That was just so amazing, to release the heat and have fun with friends. And an unforgettable ride on the Elephant train along the river, that was the most refresing moment, I got to say ^^ . Thanks to Funday, I had a memorable time at Daejeon hotspring festival.

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