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Mixing culture and having fun!

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Mentoring was a great experience to me. At the beginning I was nervous about the expectation of the mentees and the role I had to have as a mentor. But with the time, both me and mentees got along and had an amazing experience during the program. The first day was the heaviest, trying to make us know about each other and let them know about my country and culture. However we succeed, have fun playing games, and made things easier for the next meeting. The second day was fantastic! Not only because we were here and there enjoying the trip and learning about the history of the prison, but because that day I got to know a lot about Korea's history, and understand the country more as well. Visiting the market and making our own food! It was awesome and let us connect more. The time went fast that day, within talks and pictures and laughs, we all got a good time. The last meeting was also enjoyable. Playing games with other groups let us tied more our relation not only within the group but also within other teams. At the end, we became a great big team of internatio al students and korean students, all together to support one each other :)

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