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while looking at the future events of Funday, at first ignored the kpop dance thing because I do think dancing is not my thing and didn’t have the courage to dance in front of people! But after a few minutes, I changed my mind and decided to overcome this fear! I registered and thankfully got accepted! On the first day of the class I felt so stressed because I was scared my body would not be able to keep up with the moves. The class started and it was true. I was not as well as others and was scared of the teachers but as time passed, I found myself following the moves. But still scared to stand in the front line. We had to perform for 2 times, once in the Korea Travel Expo and the other on Seoul Rose Festival. For the first one I performed in the second line But for the Rose festival because many of the participants didn’t come on that day, the teacher put me on the first line on the performance day! I managed to perform without making a mistake and I’m so thankful to Funday for this great opportunity!2469280190_1564984559.9344.jpg2469280190_1564984565.3354.jpg2469280190_1564984575.1196.jpg2469280190_1564984583.1083.jpg

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