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The best event ever!!!!

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I feel so honoured that I’ve been selected for Funday Korea Sondaemon Food & History Tour program and the experience I might never forget. We get to know many friends from various countries especially from Asia and Europe.  Although the time is relatively short, but the content is compact and meaningful. Starting with delicious Tteokbokki and Gimbap experience, we then visit Yeongcheon Traditional Market Tour and continue to Seodaemun Prison Tour at night. The music show from Indie Band Manjo Pocket was so impressive and we played some games and I won a prize! We also have the opportunity to tour the prison and get to know how Korean Independence Movement followers was tortured by Japanese soldiers. The way it was presented was super WOW!!! You guys should experience it! We can feel it deep inside the heart with tears. This is the best program I ever had in Seoul. Thank you Funday Korea Network!!!!2041813045_1563983341.2268.jpg2041813045_1563983356.8012.jpg2041813045_1563983369.98.jpg2041813045_1563983386.3956.jpg2041813045_1563983396.2751.jpg2041813045_1563983406.0258.jpg

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