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Team Doseong! Arielle, Stephanie and Nura

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We were so lucky to meet on Sunday! It’s always great to gather with new and old friends and explore the city. Hanyang Doseong is the 600 year old fortress wall that surrounds Seoul City. Hanyang is the old name for Seoul, and it has long story and important place in Korean History. We loved spending the afternoon and golden hour on the wall. It’s the perfect place to see the city in day or night. Don’t miss Ihwa Mural Village or the gorgeous gates! Thank you for the opportunity.  Arielle, Stephanie, and Nura!














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Thank you very much for participating in our event,  Arielle, Stephanie, and Nura! You are awesome!
We are very impressed that you know the old name for Seoul city!
Hope to see you in the future events as well! :)

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