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Learn history in a fun and memorable way!

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3034640788_1562755173.6884.jpgI love history but I must say sometimes Museum can be a bit boring :(

I am so thankful to Funday Korea they always bring us to beautiful and fun trips but this was different.

Having the chance to visit Seodaemun prison by night only for us with a personal guide and reenactment, was simply amazing!!

We started by cooking, eating and visiting a nice traditional market which was already fun and delicious.

Then we passed by the museum and had a concert (great group by the way, really fun) but at first I thought “Oh what a shame we come to seodaemun and we don’t really visit the museum”. Well I did not expect it would be way better than a simple visit!

Thank you Funday Korea for letting us always have so much fun while learning and more than anything reminding us how people had to fight for our freedom and how precious it is!

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