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Campaign/Food [SNS PHOTO EVENT] Taegukgi in my Hands!

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Event Date 2019-02-26 ~ 2019-03-02
Time -
Venue Online
Registration period 2019.02.26 ~
Announcement of selected participants 2019-03-02
Number of participants 40

Event Type

History & Culture

On March 1st, 1919 thousands of Koreans went out the streets demanding
for the declaration of Korean independence.
 March 1st, this year marked its 100th anniversary!

Funday Korea Networks and Gangnam-gu office has organized a special SNS event,
asking citizens to take a photo with the Korean Flag image on their phone screen.


We Sincerely thank everyone, who participated in our [SNS PHOTO EVENT] Taegukgi in my Hands!

We have received a lot of beautiful pictures! We are super grateful for
loving Korea and supporting our activities.


In total,40 foreign nationals have participated in this event. 

We are going to start sending gift vouchers from March 11th. 

Thank you for your patience



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