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Campaign/Food [Dining Project] Bab's Up!? - 3rd gathering

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Event Date 2018-12-13
Time 17:45-20:00
Venue 1st floor of Funday Building
Registration period Dec 11 (Wed.)
Announcement of selected participants 2018-12-11
Number of participants 10 to 12 foreign nationals

Event Type

Making new friendsFood

For those who find themselves lonely and hungry in this foreign land,

Funday Korea Networks has prepared a special dining project

where people from different countries can enjoy a warm, tasty dinner together. 


The theme of the 3rd gathering of our ‘Bab’s up’ project is

‘’Merry Pre-Christmas with a Potluck Party’.

Make your favorite Korean food or your favorite food from home and bring it to the dinner

session to share with new friends from different countries! 

(If it’s hard for you to prepare food by yourself, you can buy and bring food instead.)

During this session, we will exchange small Christmas gifts with each other 

and talk about how different countries celebrate Christmas.


Let’s have a warm, happy Thursday dinner with Funday, celebrating the pre-Christmas season. :)

★For this session, participants should bring one small Christmas gift to exchange with their new friends.


펀데이 다이닝 프로젝트 밥썹의 3회차 테마는 포트럭파티와 함께하는 미리 메리 크리스마스입니다.

고향의 음식이나 좋아하는 한국음식을 직접 만들어 오셔서 다양한 나라의 새 친구들과 함께 나눠요!

(직접 만드는게 힘들다면 사오셔도 됩니다).

12월13일 목요일, 미리 크리스마스를 맞으며 펀데이와 함께 따뜻하게 보내세요 :)

* 이번 테마에는 다른 친구와 교환할 작은 크리스마스 선물을 준비해주세요.





<This event has been canceled due to the shortage of participants.>


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