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Campaign/Food Winery Tour to Kyeongsang Province

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Event Date 2018-11-10 ~ 2018-11-11
Time Two days One night
Venue Wineries in Korea
Registration period Until November 7th
Announcement of selected participants 2018-11-08
Number of participants 10

Event Type

PartyTrip to different regions of KoreaFood

Winery Tour to Kyeongsang Province

경상도 와이너리 투어 











On November 10 to 11, 2018 we Funday Korea Network arranged their very first wine Journey

in order to promote the specialty of Korean wine.
Even though thanks for the great amount of high-quality grapes raised in South Korea,
it produces a large variety of wine, many foreigners as well as locals, don't know much
about that.  When it comes to wine, it is mostly thought that South Korea is a country
which only imports wine, but in reality, there are many kinds of wine produced inside
the country every year.

This time Funday Korea Networks invited 10 foreign participants and went on a delightful journey,
where the were given an opportunity
to learn more about the manufacturing procedure of Korean
wine and taste different types of Korean wine


11월10일-11일, 펀데이코리아네트웍스가 한국의 와인을 알리기 위해 첫번째 와이너리 투어를 진행했습니다.

한국이 질 좋은 와인을 대량으로 생산한다는 사실은 외국인은 물론 한국인도 잘 모르던 사실인데요,

다양한 포도의 품종의로 만들어 진 퀄리티 좋은 와인을 생산하는 와인은 한국을 아시아의

대량 와인 생산국가 중 하나로 우뚝 서게 하였습니다. 

펀데이코리아네트웍스와 10명의 외국인 참가자는 맛있는 한국의 와인과 와인 제조 과정을 배우는 

본 와이너리 투어에서 즐거운 시간을 가졌습니다.



November 10 to 11 (2D1N) / 11월10일~11일 1박2일



-Meals and wines 식사와 와인

-Accommodation 숙박

-Transportation 교통

-Souvenirs 기념품

Representative: Ha Yeong Tae Susaengno 43, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Namgajwa-dong second floor of village economic, social center Email:
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