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Festival/Trip 2018 Korean International Student G100 Summit

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Event Date 2018-09-14 ~ 2018-09-16
Time 2 nights 3 days
Venue Sejong Center / Ulleungdo▶Dokdo
Registration period 2018. 8. 8  ~ 8.16
Announcement of selected participants 12
Number of participants 12

Event Type

Local festivalMaking new friendsTrip to different regions of Korea











2018 Korean International

Student G100 Summit




Dokdo is a special island in Korea and for Koreans

Dokdo is in their heart.In the history, when they were

colonized by their neighboring country.They suffered

a lot through their aggression.They also wanted to grab

Dokdo, which is into the outline of Korean Border.For that

reason, Dokdo still a restricted island in Korea for protection

purpose.Last 8th September, 2018 Funday Korea Network arranged

a 2 nights 3 days trip for foreigners to visit Dokdo and aware them

about the actual history of this island.They had a chance to visit 

Ulleungdo as well, which is on the way to Dokdo.Ulleungdo Island

holds the largest treasure of beauty at the eastern end of Korea.Our

pertinent took it as good experience in their memory.






Date & Time



Ulleungdo▶Dokdo Tour : 2018.9.14(Friday)

3:00AM~16(Sunday) 10:00PM





Participants Benefit



 ♦ Ulleungdo▶Dokdo Tour(board & lodging , transportation) full free.

♦ Ulleungdo▶Dokdo cruise tour.

  ♦ Meet people from over 100 countries

♦  Scholarship for the outstanding participants.







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