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Event Date 2020-10-13 ~ 2020-11-13
Time 14.00-16.00
Venue Seoul, National Museum of Korea
Registration period 2020.10.06-2020.10.08
Announcement of selected participants 2020-11-08
Number of participants 12

National Museum of Korea


On Friday, November 13th, all K-UNESCO Adventurers gathered together on their last adventure at National Museum of Korea. Everyone was so happy to meet all together one more time!

We took a walk around the National Museum of Korea and participated in a special lecture about Hangul and King Sejong that was prepared specially for K-UNESCO Adventurers. We learnt so many new things about Korean alphabet and the famous king who invented it! The lecture was very entertaining and educational, and the videos were a lot of fun.




After the lecture, all the teams visited a special exhibition hall named ‘Fascinating Korean history and Hangul’. For sure, our history geek Meggie had a lot of fun facts to tell everyone! It was almost like another fun history lecture.




Finally, all the adventurers gathered in front of the camera, and shared their feelings about this project, talked about their favorite adventures, and expressed their warm wishes for K-UNESCO Advneturers project. That day was full of happiness, but at the same time, everyone was a little sad that the project where they explored Korean history and culture, went through games and challenges, and discovered so many things about Korea has come to its end. No one wanted to go home that day!


We hope that our dear Adventurers had a great time exploring Korea with us because we surely did! And if you’re curious about what happened during our other adventures, you are welcome to our YouTube channel!


Until then, see you on another adventure :)

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