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Event Date 2020-10-12 ~ 2020-10-30
Time ~
Venue Any region in Korea
Registration period until October 23th
Announcement of selected participants 2020-10-26
Number of participants 30 foreign nationals in Korea

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Event Type

Trip to different regions of Korea


Show us your Korea 

YouTube Video Contest


In November Funday Korea Networks together with our friends from Allmytour carried out a "Show me your Korea" YouTube video contest. It was difficult to choose the winners, as all videos you send us were worth getting a prize. But now after the careful screening, we are ready to announce the winners! 


1st place 

Isai Carreto Martinez /Mexico



2nd place 

Andreas Kim Oliver/ Germany


3rd place

Intan Permata Sari/ Indonesia 




Nurlani Binti Zainal Abidin/ Malaysia



30 participants selected in the first round 

1. Grace C***- Australia 

2. Kinal K*** - Cambodia 

3. Sara A***- Czech Republic

4. Andreas K***- Germany 

5. Anna R***- Germany 

6. Maria M***- Germany 

7. Kay C***- Hong Kong 

8. Intan***- Indonesia 

9. Anita L***- Indonesia 

10 Yonas S***- Indonesia 

11. Mahyar M***- Iran 

12. Kakim D*** - Kazahstan 

13. Nurlani Z*** - Malaysia 

14. Isai C*** - Mexico 

15. Yasir Y*** - Pakistan 

16. Izaz R*** - Pakistan 

17. Cherish M*** - Philippines

18. Diane P*** - Phillippines 

19. Loida K*** - Phillippines 

20. Valeriia S*** - Russia 

21. Lwazi L*** - South Africa 

22. Marianne C*** - Trinidad and Tobago

23. Natasha B*** - United Kingdom 

24. Paul H*** - United States 

25. Stephen W*** - United States

26. Laziza N*** - Uzbekistan 

27. Sanovar B*** - Uzbekistan 

28.  Huller Dorothy 

29. Puteri Fatin N***

30. Mei Jing T***


Thank you everyone for taking part in this contest:)


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