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History/Culture Hanyang Doseong "The Golden Bell"

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Event Date 2020-10-10 ~ 2020-10-10
Time 14:30-15:30
Venue Online (Zoom)
Registration period Until September 28th
Announcement of selected participants 2020-10-05
Number of participants 23 foreign nationals living in Korea

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History & Culture


2020년 한양도성 문화 · 체험 프로그램 만간사업 

Hanyang Doseong 

The Golden Bell 


Hanyang Doseong/or the Seoul City Wall/

with its hundred years of history is known as a magic fortress surrounding Seoul.

This place is not only a gem of Seoul but also stores terrific stories. Still, these days,

everybody has to be careful and can’t enjoy the sightseeing to the fullest due to the pandemic.

For that reason, twenty-three (23) foreign nationals from different countries got an opportunity to learn more about Hanyang Doseong through an exciting untact (online) quiz - “The Golden Bell Quiz.”

Do you know when the Hanyang Doseong was built?

Or where is it located?

If you want to know the answers and learn more, check out the video,

and maybe you will become the winner of the Hanyag Doseong quiz next time!     


Quiz winners:
1st Place:
 Belle Raguindin (Philippines) 
2nd Place:
Misa Chihara (Canada)
Majid Mushtaq (Pakistan) 
3rd Place: 
Gulnaz Shakirimova (Kazahstan) 
Martina de Vries de Vries (Netherlands)
 Umair Shabbir (Pakistan) 
Galina Panteleeva(Russia) 
Sabina Umirzakova(Uzbekistan)
Congratulations :)) 



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