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Event Date 2020-08-11 ~ 2020-08-13
Time All day
Venue Gunsan( Jeollabuk Province)
Registration period until August 3rd
Announcement of selected participants 2020-08-03
Number of participants 10 foreign students

Unicamp Vol. 1: Rescue Gunsan

Global Youth Networking Camp


Unicamp is the chance to learn history and culture of a small town. Young people from all over the world meet in the city and take on the mission of the camp.
Unicamp is the opportunity to learn that participants of various nationalities, languages, and cultures can understand each other and achieve greater achievements through harmonious cooperation.
Unicamp is a program that allows you to interact with each other freely while playing together in diversity.
Unicamp is a new urban regeneration program that fills a small city with diverse people.
Unicamp always offers a variety of experiences utilizing new technologies.




For more information visit  unicamp.kr



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