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Event Date 2020-07-18 ~ 2020-07-18
Time 10:00-14:00
Venue Hanyang Doseong (Naksan Course)
Registration period untill 2020.07.14
Announcement of selected participants 2020-07-14
Number of participants 40 foreign nationals/ 10 Koreans


Hanyang Doseong 

where History Meets the Modern City


Finally, after a 6-months break, Funday Korea Network held its first event! We have

been waiting for this moment for a long time and we are really happy to be back on track!

6개월의 휴식 후 마침내, 펀데이코리아네트웍스가 첫 행사를 진행했습니다.



On July 18th, 30 foreign and 10 Korean students gathered together for a walk along the

Seoul City Wall’s Naksan intersection.

7월 18일, 외국인 유학생 30명과 한국인 대학생 10명은 한양도성 투어를 위해 모였습니다.



Everybody had to be careful because of COVID-19 restrictions, therefore the participants were divided into 10 groups to have the tour and fun photo mission together. Despite the weather being hot everybody enjoyed the walk and met new friends.

참가자들은 COVID-19 감염증 예방을 위해 10개의 모둠으로 나누어져 프로그램에 참여했습니다.더운 날씨에도 불구하고 모둠 별 포토미션을 수행하며 즐거운 시간을 보냈습니다.


Click here to see more photos!



Seoul city wall essay&review contest winners


~1st place ~

Hermann Ruth Celeste


~2nd place~

Kenedy Chiguru

Christina Perez


~3rd place~

Alana Jara

Umman Lee

Ana Carolina Assay Sarem





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#한양도성 #hanyangdoseong #seoulcitywall #fundaykoreanetworks #fundaykorea


#한양도성 #hanyangdoseong #seoulcitywall #fundaykoreanetworks #fundaykorea









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