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History/Culture [Postponed] K-pop class for expats in Korea

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Event Date 2020-03-29 ~ 2020-04-26
Time 1pm-2pm ( 1hour)
Venue Sinchon MID studio
Registration period March 2nd ( may be closed earlier)
Announcement of selected participants 2020-03-28
Number of participants 10-20 expats

Event Type

MusicK-POP / K-DramaExciting activities

▲ Sample Music Video ▲

1) You and your classmates will be in the music video as a team.

2) Your music video will be filmed in the dance studio.



K-pop class for expats in Korea







Registration for this program is assigned on a prepayment basis. The training fee is 50.000 won for 5 sessions.

You can deposit the money after receiving an email announcement. 

An announcement about the video filming charge will be made later.

Since the curriculum consists of 5 sessions,  in case if you miss one or more sessions, a refund is impossible.

*If you want to cancel your registration, please let us know

BEFORE March 8th and we will refund you the money in this case. 



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