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Event Date 2019-07-06 ~ 2019-06-30
Time -
Venue Seodaemun-gu
Registration period Until June 24th
Announcement of selected participants 2019-07-01
Number of participants 10 foreign students in Korea who speak Korean

Event Type

VolunteerKorean friends

Don't worry, Let's go together

괜찮아요, 우리 함께 걸어요 

Foreign student volunteer recruitment for Seodaemun-gu community service program.

(Korean speaking foreign students are eligible to register.)


We are recruiting foreign student volunteers to be a montors to Korean students.

Introduce and share your country's culture and receive advice about Korean life from local students. 

This program will allow you to develop a global mindset, and a broader perspective on hte world and society!







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Representative: Ha Yeong Tae Susaengno 43, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Namgajwa-dong second floor of village economic, social center Email:
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