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[Winners] Seodaemun Prison Video Contest

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We wish to express our thanks for your participation in the Seodaemun Prison Video & Essay Contest.


Following a decision made after a discussion with Seodaemun Prison History Hall official,

we will announce the winners of the video contest.




Thank you again for applying for [the Seodaemun Prison Video Contest!

We would also like to ask you for your continued interest in many other activities organized by Funday Korea Networks.



  • <1> Please note that there may be a need for the winners to modify and supplement their essay or video for the Seodaemun Prison Video & Essay Contest. Noncompliance may result in disqualification from the contest.
  • <2> Winners of the video contest will be notified with an announcement on our homepage. Please check your name in the e-mail and reply with the related information. We will contact you individually about your final work process.




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