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If you are unable to log-in or apply for an event...

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1. It says your account already exists when you try to sign up for membership.

→ If you see this message, your account has probably been created automatically created based on your previous application of our events. 

We already sent an email includes your temporary created password on Dec 3. Please check the email and try to log-in with the password.


2. It says incorrect password or ID when you try to log in with the temporarily created password, which was given via email on Dec 3.

Please email us at funday.networks@gmail.com and we will look into your account issue.


3. It keeps saying 'Please fill out all of the required blanks', and redirecting to profile editing page.

If you signed up/in with your facebook and google account, you might have missed filling out the required basic information blanks,

such as country, gender, email, etc. Please fill out those blanks and the message will not show again.


4. It keeps redirecting to profile editing page even though I have already filled out all of the required blanks.

Apart from the basic information you have already filled in, you should additionally fill out more blanks such as Korean speaking ability, your b-day, contact info

to register for an event. After you fill in those information blanks, it won't bother you again with the same issue.


Some parts of our new website still need to be repaired, and we are trying to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Hope you understand.


If the above answers are not working for you, please email us at funday.networks@gmail.com 

Best regards, 

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