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History/Culture The 100th Anniversary of Korean Independence Movement Day

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Event Date 2019-03-01 ~ 2019-03-01
Time 09:00 - 15:00
Venue *Practice: Funday office building | *Rehearsal and main event: Seodaemun Prison (Both Seoul)
Registration period February 20 (Wed.)
Announcement of selected participants 2019-02-25
Number of participants 35 Foreign nationals

Event Type

History & Culture

The 100th Anniversary of Korean
Independence Movement Day






On Friday, March 1st, 2019 Funday Korea Networks has invited over 35 foreign nationals to be the Foreign
Representative Participants in the 100th Anniversary Commemoration of Korean Independence Movement Day.
It is a very important day in Korea and our participants took their time to practice for a special flashmob
performance to show their support for the Korean Independence.
The flashmob was performed over five times throughout the day.

2019년 3월1일 (금) 펀데이코리아네트웍스가 35명의 외국인 참가자를 모집하여 삼일절 100주년행사의

외국인 대표 참가자로 선발하였습니다. 본 행사는 한국에서 매우 중요한 행사로 외국 대표 참가자들은 

특별 플래시몹을 연습하고 삼일절을 기념하기 위하여 플래시몹 공연을 하루동안 5회 이상 펼쳤습니다.

During the event, participants had a chance to wear authentic costumes from the Independence movement
in 1919, witness and participate in the historic event, marking 100 years of one of the most important days
in the Korean history, march in the parade towards the Independence gate and Gwangwamun square
together with Korean citizens and listen to the speech of the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in.
After the parade, everyone had free time to look around the Seodaemun Prison History Museum
and learn more about Korean history. 

행사시간 동안 참가자들은 당시 독립운동을 펼치던 시대 복장을 입을 기회를 가졌으며 한국 역사상 가장 중요한

역사적 기념일을 한국인과 함께 기리며 독립문-광화문 광장까지 행진 또한 참가하였습니다.

광화문 광장에서 문재인 대통령의 기념사를 들은 뒤 서대문 형무소를 자유롭게 탐방하고 한국 역사에 대해

한번 더 배울 수 있는 뜻깊은 시간을 가졌습니다. 



March 1st (Fri.), 2019

2019년 3월 1일 (금)


Seodaemun Prison History Museum - Gwanghwamun Square
서대문형무소역사관  - 광화문광장



 Free / 참가비 무료 



35 foreign nationals / 35 명의 외국인 참가자


Watching celebration performances 3.1절 100주년 기념행사 관람
Participating in the parade marching towards the Independence Gate and Gwanghwamun Square
서대문 형무소에서 독립문 및 광화문광장으로 향하는 행진

Listening to President Moon Jae-in's speech 문재인 대통령 기념사 
Taking part in a flashmob performance with Koreans 한국인과 함께 플래시몹 참가

- A chance to wear costumes from that era 시대 복장 착용 기회 제공
- Opportunity to take extraordinary photos 인생샷 제공
- An activity certificate (upon request) 활동인증서 제공 (신청자에 한함)
- Participating in a major historical event in Seoul together with senior officials
- Lunch provided 점심제공

Representative: Ha Yeong Tae Susaengno 43, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Namgajwa-dong second floor of village economic, social center Email:
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