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History/Culture Hanyang Doseong Photo Challenge

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Event Date 2018-12-16
Time 15:00 - 18:00
Venue Hanyang Doseong Museum
Registration period Until Dec 13
Announcement of selected participants 2018-12-13
Number of participants 30 foreign nationals

Event Type

ContestHistory & CultureExciting activities


Hanyang Doseong Photo Challenge

Discover the beauty of Hanyang Doseong

by participating in a photo contest.

[*Hanyang Doseong is a 600-years old fortress in Seoul city, which is also a proud cultural asset of Korea.]




Funday Korea Networks hosted LAST Hanyang Doseong program of 2018 where both new

and previous participants had an opportunity to enjoy fun activities.

They paired up with new friends and completed a team photo challenge!

Every team deserved to be in the first place, however, three teams were selected as the best team.

Thank you for your efforts, everyone and congratulations again! 


2018년 마지막 한양도성 프로그램이 12월16일에 진행이 되었습니다.

이번 프로그램은 이미 한양도성 프로그램에 참가하셨던분은 물론 새로 참여하시는분들까지 

새친구들과 팀을 만들어 '한양도성 포토 챌린지' 라는 액티비티를 즐겼습니다.

모든 팀들이 멋진 사진을 제출해 주셨지만 아래 3개의 팀이 우수팀으로 선발 되었습니다.

모두 수고 많으셨으며 다시 한번 축하 드립니다!




1st place: 인피니트
- Ruth / Zoe  / Shacarol

2nd place: Persian Pals
- Sorour Nemati / Ali Alizadeh Eslami

3rd place: Team Doseong
- Arielle / Stephanie / Nura


And the other winners...

- Team MOMI (Monika Genova, Mirian Perez)

TEAM SaNhEca (Maidaniuk Oleksandra,Bui Tuyet Nhung,Bold Tsendmaa)

-Team INDOPAK ( Adil Salman & Koti)

-Team KYeolWavexBananamilk (Zyanya and Benigno)

- Team Seoul-mates (Laura Camargo, Mauricio Palacios, Bruno Yangali)



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