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Event Date 2021-06-29 ~ 2021-06-29
Time -
Venue Chungju Takkyeonwon, Hwalok Cave
Registration period -
Announcement of selected participants -
Number of participants 2

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History & CultureTrip to different regions of Korea


Who are K-UNESCO Adventurers?


Clotilde - France










K-UNESCO Adventurers is a UNESCO tour program conducted by the Korean Culture and Information Services(KOCIS). Following last year, talented members from all around the world who share their love of Korean culture have teamed up to travel around historical spots in Korea and promote Korea’s various cultural heritages throughout the globe.



Chungju Takkyeonwon, Hwalok Cave



This time, the K-UNESCO Adventure team visited the Taekkyeonwon, an institution that not only develops and supports the succession of Taekkyeon, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, but also widely promotes its excellence. First, they watched demonstrations performed by initiates of the martial art at an outside training center.





Taekkyeon is a Korean traditional martial art known for using fluid and rhythmic movements to attack the opponent and throw them to the ground. Taekkyeon is concerned with using smooth but strong and flexible motions and focuses on self-defense rather than employing offensive maneuvers. A significant aspect of Taekkyeon is how it teaches consideration, emphasizing community over the individual. Mika and Nikka learned Taekkyeon moves from the martial art initiates. A special gift is said to be awaiting the winner of their Taekkyeon battle inside the Hwalok Cave(Jade cave).





After learning Taekkyeon, Mika and Nikka visited Hwalok Cave, a popular tourist destination in Chungju. Hwalok cave was previously a jade and talc mine that had been in operation for about 100 years. It was a hot summer day, but a cool breeze could be felt blowing from the cave as if somebody had turned on the air conditioning. The cast and staff had come unprepared in their short sleeves but slowly grew accustomed to the coolness of the cave.  The LED-lit passageways provide a unique experience for visitors. The exhibition, which merges the theme of ocean scenery with the harmony of light and space, is a must-see when visiting the cave. 





At the end of the cave, the cast had the unique opportunity to ride a kayak made with see-through plastic. It was an unforgettable experience to explore the depths of the cave paddling a kayak. If we could give you one tip when visiting Hwalok cave, don’t forget to pack something warm to wear on top!!


If you are interested in more entertaining stories of UNESCO heritages and treasures in Chungju, make sure to check out korea.net Youtube channel~!



Host & Sponsor : Korean Culture and Information Service

If you want to learn more about the program : http://heritageinkorea.kr/

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** All the participants had tested for COVID before the tour.**



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