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Event Date 2021-06-05 ~ 2021-06-05
Time 10:00 AM
Venue Funday Korea Networks Youtube channel Live
Registration period -
Announcement of selected participants -
Number of participants No limit

Event Type

History & CultureExciting activities

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Funday Korea Networks YouTube Channel





Participate in the Seodaemun Prison Escape LIVE event and win amazing prizes!


How to participate:
During the live 3 random words will pop up on the screen.

Collect them all, fill in the Google form after the LIVE,

send it to us on June 5th before 6pm and get a chance to win Shinsaegae coupons,

Starbucks coffee gifticons and the main prize – Samsung Earbuds!


-   Samsung Earbuds (1 person)
-   ₩100.000 Shinsaegae coupon (1 person)
-   ₩50.000 Shinsaegae coupon (3 people)
-   ₩10.000 Starbucks coupon (40 people)


Google form available at: https://forms.gle/Wy7vWczhM2Tt7if39


***Please note that only foreign residents living in South Korea can participate in the event





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