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Event Date 2020-11-24 ~ 2020-11-24
Time 2D1N
Venue Jecheon&Danyang
Registration period ~November 18th
Announcement of selected participants 2020-11-18
Number of participants 6 foreign nationals residing in Korea

Two Days Two Cities 

A special tour to satisfy your five senses



In November 2020, Funday prepare a special program for its friends! It was a unique chance to visit  6 cities in the very heart of Korea, to enjoy the attractions and nature, try representative food, and understand why these places are so popular among the locals. The tour was divided into three courses: Yeongju & Bongwa, Jecheon & Danyang, Pyeongchang & Yeongwol. We received more than 150 applications from the people who wanted to join us on this tour, but unfortunately due to the risk of CoVid-19 cross-infection, the tour was conducted in small groups. But we hope, the one who couldn't participate this time, will join us in our future tours!


Jecheon & Danyang


2944396504_1611726196.1039.jpg   2944396504_1611726209.836.jpg


2944396504_1611726258.6115.jpg  2944396504_1611726272.2874.jpg




To learn more about our adventures in Jecheon & Danyang check out the videos below :)



Love Triangle in Danyang







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