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Event Date 2020-11-07 ~ 2020-11-08
Time 2D1N
Venue Gangwon-do Province
Registration period ~28th October
Announcement of selected participants 2020-10-29
Number of participants 16

Event Type

Trip to different regions of Korea

 Gangwon-do Social Media Promotion Tour


If you are looking for a place to escape from the city and to enjoy beautiful natural sceneries, then you are welcome to Gangwon-do province. This time Funday Korea and our friends from Allmytour invited 6 foreign nationals from Indonesia and the Philippines to join us for our tour to the heart of this province.

For 2 days we explored the treasures of Gangwon-do and spent a fun time together.




Our first stop was “Jade Garden”- a piece of Europe in the middle of the forest. The best place to spend half of a day walking, taking pictures, and enjoying nature.




Then we rode a luge in Hoengseong County, where is the closed highway was recently transformed into the world’s longest luge track.




On the second day we had a relaxing day feeding alpacas (aren’t they cute???)




and had a cup of coffee with new friends in a cafe with a spectacular view of Chuncheon, the administrative center of Gangwon-do.





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