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Event Date 2020-10-25 ~ 2020-10-25
Time 10.00~13.00
Venue Hanyang Doseong. Namsan Course
Registration period until October 20th
Announcement of selected participants 2020-10-20
Number of participants 10 foreign national residing in Korea

Hanyang Doseong

where History meets the modern City 



Do you know that Seoul also has its own wall?

The Seoul City wall protected Seoul for more than 600 years old. It witnessed many historical events and people's stories.

The Wall still stands in its place in the very heart of Seoul. It is a real gem of the city and a must-visit place

if you want to know Seoul closer.

On October 25th, Funday Korea invited foreign nationals living in Korea and Korean students to join us for a walk to a place

where history meets the modern city! We spent a fun time on Namsan Mountain,

learn more about the Seoul City Wall, and enjoyed warm fall weather together with new friends!






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#한양도성 #hanyangdoseong #seoulcitywall #fundaykoreanetworks #fundaykorea



#한양도성 #hanyangdoseong #seoulcitywall #fundaykoreanetworks #fundaykorea






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