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Event Date 2020-10-14 ~ 2020-10-18
Time 19:00-21:30
Venue Seodaemun Prison
Registration period until October 12th
Announcement of selected participants 2020-10-12
Number of participants 15 foreign nationals living in Korea

Event Type

History & Culture




 Seodaemun Historica adventure -is a chance to leave for a unique historical one-day tour and embark on an unforgettable historical adventure.

This year we held 3 tours in a row – on October 14th, October 16th, and October 18th. Our Funday friends visited Seodaemun Prison, a representative historic site in Seoul, to enjoy a historical reenactment that took them 100 years back to the past and showed the tragic scenes that happened in Korea.



Mini concert with special guests 

Immerse into the atmosphere of the Japanese colonization era through the songs and poems written by the heroes who fought for Independence. 




Night Seodaemun Prison tour with the commentators 

Take the opportunity to visit the Seodaemun Prison after hours together with the commentators who know every corner of this place.  By the way, the atmosphere there at night is very thrilling!




Historical reenactment performance 

Witness the events that happened 100 years ago with your own eyes! 






Join us next time and you won't regret it! 




*Some photos in this review are made by our participant Cedric Jo


See more pictures from this event 


October 14th 


October 16th 


October 18th 


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#Seodaemunprison #fundaykoreanetworks 

#서대문형무소 #펀데이코리아네트웍스


#Seodaemunprison  #fundaykoreanetworks 

#서대문형무소 #펀데이코리아네트웍스






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