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Event Date 2019-11-15 ~ 2019-11-15
Time 14:00~17:00
Venue aT Center Exhibition Hall 1
Registration period Until November 13 (Registration may close earlier.)
Announcement of selected participants 2019-11-14
Number of participants 60 foreign nationals

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2019 Korean Sool Grand Festival


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Korean drinking is not just about soju. 

한국의 술은 소주가 전부가 아니라는것! 


On Friday, November 15th 60 participants from all over the world gathered together to participate in 2019 Korean Sool Grand Festival

11월15일, 60명의 외국인 친구들이 2019우리술대축제에 참여하기 위해 양재 aT센터에 모였어요




We had a great opportunity to find out more about Korean alcohol and drinking culture! First, we had a guided tour around the festival, which got us acquainted with different types of alcohol, its history and 

a lot of fun facts about the festival. 

참가자들은 한국에도 다양한 술이 있고 흥미로운 술문화가 있다는 것을 배울 수 있는 시간이었는데요,

먼저 축제장을 영어해설사와 함께 투어하고 많은 종류의 술을 구경하고 역사에 대해서도 배웠어요


     3731816140_1574143939.5109.jpg      3731816140_1574143920.7658.jpg


From yuja liquors to mulberry makgeolli, the festival had different drinks offered for degustation from more than 100 companies. And we eagerly tried them all!

새콤한 유자주부터 달콤한 오디주까지 :)

100개의 주류업체들이 매력적인 한국술을 뽐내고 있어 빨리 시음을 하고 싶었답니다!


    3731816140_1574148796.6294.jpg      3731816140_1574148764.826.jpg


We also participated in various activities to make unforgettable memories at the festival. We made cocktails ourselves and voted for the best drink (that was really hard).

그 밖에도 체험활동도 참여를 했죠? 칵테일을 만들어 본다거나 

가장 맛있는 술에 투표를 하기도 했어요 (결정하기 너무너무 어려웠어요!)

           3731816140_1574153075.233.jpg      3731816140_1574152872.3799.jpg


The highlight of the festival was, for sure, makgeolli making. (Unfortunately, only 35 people were able to join this program.) We were surprised that we can make makgeolli which we all love all by ourselves! All we needed was makgeolli ingredients

and a professional to guide us through the process.  

축제에서 가장 돋보였던 프로그램은 막걸리 만들기 체험이었는데요. 아쉽게도 35명의 친구들만

참여가 가능했지만 장인의 지도에 따라 직접 재료를 가지고 만들어볼 수 있어서 특별한 활동이었어요.


    3731816140_1574149029.0986.jpg      3731816140_1574149062.3982.jpg


We loved the drink we made! The festival was big fun and we spent a great time all together at

2019 Korea Sool Grand Festival.

직접 만든 막걸리라 그런지 너무 뿌듯했어요! 2019 우리술대축제에 참여하게 되어서 너무 기뻐요 :)




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