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Festival/Trip 2019 Sunchang International Sauce Festival

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Event Date 2019-10-18 ~ 2019-10-19
Time 7:00 (18th) ~ 18:00 (19th)
Venue Sunchang, Jeollabuk Province
Registration period ~ Oct 16
Announcement of selected participants 2019-10-16
Number of participants 40 foreign nationals

Event Type

History & CultureTrip to different regions of KoreaFoodLocal festival

[2019 Sunchang International Sauce Festival]

- Sunchang sauce offers you the best in taste and pleasure.


How about a two-days, one-night food journey to Sunchang Gochujang Village, Jeollabuk Province?

Try making Korean sauces yourself, and experience the taste  made with a sauce produced right in the village.

전라북도 순창고추장마을로 1박2일의 푸드나들이 어떠세요?

직접 한국의 전통 소스를 만들어보고 마을에서 만들어진 소스로 요리된 음식을 맛보실 수 있습니다!


Features delicious sauces from only Korea, b ut an array of different countries are ready to make your mouth water!

한국뿐 아니라 각 나라에서 온 맛있는 소스들이 여러분의 식욕을 돋구어줄거에요 :) 




- Friday, Oct 18th - Saturday, Oct 19th / 10월18일 (금) ~ 10월19일 (토)




- Sunchang Gochujang Village / 순창고추장마을




- Gathering (pick-up) : 7:00 a.m. Sports Complex Station (Seoul) / 오전 7:00, 종합운동장역 (서울)

- Drop-off: 6:00p.m.  Yangjae Station  / 오후 6시 양재역 해산




- Free / 무료




- 40 selected foreign nationals / 40명의 선발된 외국인 참가자

(Participants of this trip are required to upload a review on their social media accounts or Funday's website.

본 여행의 참가자는 본인의 SNS 혹은 펀데이 웹사이트에 후기를 올려주셔야 합니다.)



- Free transportation, accommodation, meals, travel insurance, and free admission to programs at the festival

교통, 숙박, 식사, 여행자보험, 유료프로그램 체험 기회




* Itinerary will be shared with selected participants. 상세일정은 선발된 분들께 공유됩니다.

* Schedule is subject to change depending on circumstances. 사정상 변경될 수 있습니다.


- Attending the opening ceremony of '2019 Sunchang International Sauce Festival' /

순창세계소스축제 개막식 참여


- Learning traditional Korean dining etiquette / 한국 전통 식사 예절 배우기


- Making traiditonal Korean sauces / 한국 전통 소스 만들어보기


- Taking part in a flash-mob / 플래시몹 참여


- Tasting Korean food made with traditional sauce produced in the village /

 마을에서 생산된 소스로 만든 한국 음식 체험


- Enjoying programs at the festival / 축제즐기기


- Korean farm experience / 농촌체험


Representative: Ha Yeong Tae Susaengno 43, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Namgajwa-dong second floor of village economic, social center Email: funday.networks@gmail.com
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