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History/Culture Jumping! Global Hanyang Doseong (Seoul City Wall)

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Event Date 2019-09-08 ~ 2019-09-08
Time 10:00~15:00
Venue Hanyang Doseong, Inwang Mountain Course
Registration period ~ August 30th
Announcement of selected participants 2019-09-02
Number of participants 50 foreign participants and 20 Koreans

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History & CultureKorean friendsNature


- Sunday, Semptember 8th, 2019

Funday Korea Networks has already had a variety of events together in early September.
Summers has passed us by, and Autumn slipped upon without warning. Time flies so fast!

On Sunday morning, September 8th, foreign participants and Korean friends visited

Hanyang Doseong which is a 600-year-old cultural asset of Seoul,

We use a different theme every year to promote Seoul City Wall to the world.
The theme of this event was the “JUMPING” Global Seoul City Wall,

where all participants were divided into groups, and they had a mission to jump

and take pictures together in front of the Seoul City Wall.

The Inwangsan section, which we originally planned to make our focus,

is a very steep and lengthy section, but we decided to change to an easier

section so that our friends could perform the mission safely during the typhoon.

Moreover, it was a meaningful time for Korean university friends and friends

from 18 countries to meet and exchange cultures and language together and

then learn more about Korea.

The video we filmed on this day will be uploaded to our SNS within a week.
We hope you’re looking forward to it, so please look for it!
(You know we have a YouTube channel, right?

Search for “Funday Korea Networks” on YouTube and subscribe us!)


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