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Event Date 2019-08-31 ~ 2019-10-26
Time August ~ November
Venue .
Registration period Until August, 18th (Sun.)
Announcement of selected participants 2019-08-19
Number of participants 30 Foreign nationals who actively use social media publicly

Event Type

VolunteerHistory & CultureTrip to different regions of KoreaLocal festival


Global Supporters Recruitment



We recruited 30 expats who currently live in Korea and interested in Korean travel and marketing to join us as supporters and invited them to come with us to regional festivals and to a variety of other interesting theme events. 

Global Supporters activity was started with the Paju DMZ trip to Camp Greaves on August, 31st and finished at Year-end Funday Day with announcing best Supporters.

Let's see how much fun it was :)



♡ Paju DMZ trip (Launching ceremony and OT)

A one-night/two-day trip from August, 31st to September, 1st

파주 DMZ 여행 (발대식 & 오티) 8월 31일(토) ~ 9월 1일(일), 1박 2일

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♡ Anseong Supporters tour (September, 7th & September, 21st)

안성 서포터즈 팸투어 (9월 7일 및 21일)

= Sept., 7th - Click here to see the review =

= Sept., 21st Click here to see the review =




♡ Hanyang Doseong tour (September, 8th)

서울 한양도성 탐방 (9월 8일)

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♡ Seoul Donuimun museum village (September, 8th ~ October, 20th)

돈의문 박물관 마을 (9월8일~10월20일)

* Project 1. Theme: Korean traditional games

프로젝트 1 : 전래놀이 테마

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* Project 2. Theme: Hangul Proclamation Day

프로젝트 2 : 한글날 테마

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* Project 3. Theme: Hanbok Day

프로젝트 3 : 한복의 날 테마

= Click here to see the review =




♡ Seodaemun Food & History tour (September, 26th)

서대문 푸드 & 역사 투어 (9월 26일, 목)

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♡ Trip to Gangwon-do, Goseong : Experience Ganseong Hyanggyo - Confucian school

(a one-night/two-day tour from September, 28th to September, 29th)

강원도 고성 간성향교 체험 (1박2일, 9월 28일~29일, 토-일)

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♡ Seoul King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment (October, 5th)

정조대왕 능행차 재현행사 (10월 5일, 토)

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♡ Seosan Haemieupseong Festival (October, 12th)

서산 해미읍성 축제 (10월 12일, 토)

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♡ A Night Picnic at the Seoul city wall (October, 13th)

한양도성 Night Picnic (10월 13일, 일)

= Click here to see the review =




♡ Jeolla-do Sunchang Fermented food festival (October, 19th)

전라도 순창장류 축제 (10월 19일, 토)

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♡ Seoul Trail Festival (October, 26th)

서울 둘레길 축제 (10월 26일, 토)

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♡ 2019 Korean Sool (drink) Festival (November, 15th)

2019우리술대축제 (11월15일, 금)

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♡ 2019 Year-End Funday Day (November, 24th)

2019 연말 펀데이 Day (11월24, 일)

~2019 Funday Korea Networks BEST Global Supporters AWARD~

= Click here to see the review =



Representative: Ha Yeong Tae 8th floor ,286, Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Email: funday.networks@gmail.com
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