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i have never expected that i make kimbap with foreign friends. it was really nice experience to me ! Thx to funday korea and my friends.

Daeun LEE

I didn't expect it, but it was really nice! I like the 한글 game and 김밥 making !! 😉

Hyesoo Kim

It was great night. I had a chance to make 김밥 with new friends.

Jenny Seo

It was really fun!! That was my first time tomake kimbop and thebgames were realmy knteresying espeacially the korean letter game was sooooo fun!! I want to participate for the next program:)))

4th World Cafe Funday

제4회 월드카페 펀데이

Introduction 소개

World Cafe Funday is a monthly event where you can learn more about Korean cultures and history.  It’s organized by Funday Korea Networks every month as a FREE.

We’re pleased to announce that the theme of the World Cafe Funday party being held in September will be 김밥(Gimbap)!For those who don’t know, Gimbap is Korean dish. It’s made up of cooked rice and other ingredients which are then rolled into gim—dried sheets of laver seaweed—and served in bite-size slices.

Gim(Seaweed) is offered in delicious combinations of five or six ingredients which turn into a tantalizing finger food as all the ingredients work in tandem together with a fantastic result. We hope that Gimbap will reflect our hopes for this month’s World Cafe Funday, a place where foreigners from different countries will come together to learn about each other’s cultures by making Gimbap together.

한국 문화에 대한 전반적인 내용을 테마로 펀데이코리아네트웍스에서 매월 열리는 무료 월례 행사입니다.

9월의 월드카페의 테마는 “김밥”입니다. 김밥은 여러가지 재료들을 감싸안고 조화를 이룹니다.

김밥과 같이 여러 외국인들이 모여 나만의 김밥을 만들면서 서로의 다름을 이해하는 시간을 가져보세요.

Activity Date 일시

15th of September (Fri)


9월 15일 (금요일)

Activities 활동

– Achievement the ingredients with traditional Korean games

– Rolling my own kimbap


Gajwa Station(Gyeong-ui Jung-ang Line Mint color line)
서울특별시 서대문구 수색로 43 (남가좌동, 사회적경제마을센터 2층)