We were supposed to announce selected participants on13th, however, the announcement is on hold due to some changes made by the host of this tour.We will let everyone know about the result on 14th. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

One-Day Winery Tour


Did you know that South Korea produces a large variety of wines? Get away from busy city life, and relax while savoring tasty wines from various different regions of the country! 

We are recruiting 10 foreign nationals who want to join us on this winery tour and can help promote Korean wine by posting pictures and reviews online after the tour.

한국에서도 와인이 생산되는걸 아시나요? 바쁜 도시 생활에서 벗어나 한국의 여러 지역에서 맛있는 와인을 즐겨보세요! 본 당일 와이너리 투어에 참여하고 온라인에 후기를 올려 한국와인 홍보를 도와주실 10명의 외국인을 모집합니다.


Nov 17 (Sat.)

11월 17일

(Sorry, 18th has been cancelled.)

-Below schedule is subject to change depending on circumstances. 


10 people

각 날짜에 10명



-Original cost: ₩50,000

-Lunch included


Foreign nationals who… 외국인 분 들 중

1. Regularly upload posts on their social media accounts.

정기적으로 SNS에 포스팅을 하는분

2. Will post a review of the tour (including at least five photos)

5장 이상의 사진과 함께 투어 후기를 올려주실분


Until November 12th (Mon.)

(Selected participants will be contacted individually on 13th)

11월12일 월요일까지

(선발된 참가자는 개별적으로 13일에 연락)

Funday Korea Networks provide foreigners in South Korea with various cultural events free of charge(or at a minimum cost) with the purpose of promoting Korean cultures to the world. Participants on our tours are expected to share on their social media accounts any photos, reviews, or videos of the events we offer.

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