*Sunday, April 22nd*

           More than fifty foreign participants took part in the 1st Hanyang Doseong tour 2018 on April 22nd. This tour enabledthe participants to experience this 600-years-old fortress,  which was built to defend  the Seoul city and its palaces.

We provided commentators to get to know  about the fortress well while we were enjoying the scenery and the beauty of  the fortress along with the trekking trail.

        We separated into two teams for the trekking course, the participants can choose between the two options as their wish, Inwansan and Baekaksan course.

        During trekking and at the peak, all of the participants couldn’t help but took pictures to save the memories. Since it is the spring time, various types  of flowers were blossoming which assistedthe scenery to be more wonderful!

         And then, we moved to Tonging Market( Korea Traditional Market- 통인 시장) 

to have a nice Korea Traditional food as for Lunch. The most interesting thing about Tonging Market is that you can only buy food with traditional coins which can be bought by cash at the register. (10 coins for 5000 won).

       The snacks and lunch is provided by Funday Korea Networks. 

       We made incredible memories on that day. Besides, the participants were also given an opportunity to participate in the Hanyang Doseong Photo Contest! 

Contest Winners

The winners will receive an individual email about how to receive the prize.

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Kapil Gnawali

The Hanyang Doseong tour gave an opportunity to experience 600-years-old structure (City Wall), which clearly shows how the strategy to protect the city was made during Korean War time . We enjoyed the beautiful view of the Seoul city as well. Thank you Funday Networks for providing such an historical tour of city wall.

Melissa Cantu

Even though the weather was bad, and we didn’t get to see everything we were suppose to due to the rain, it was still a great event and our tour guide was lovely! She answered a lot of my questions about the City Wall. I hadn’t been to the Tongin market yet and it was great to visit and see what it was all about. Thank you Funday Korea Networks!!!

Barry Smith

I think this a great opportunity to promote Korean culture but i find it hard to endorse a project with age restrictions as there is enough ageism in this country!