The 1st Hanyang Doseong Tour (The Seoul City Wall)

외국인과 함께하는 한양도성 투어, 한국인 봉사자 모집(대학생)

Introduction 소개

We’d like to invite you to the first Hanyang Doseong tour of this year where you will be able to experience this 600-years-old structure, enjoying the beautiful view of the Seoul city. Don’t miss out the chance to be the best review writer of this tour and win a gift certificate as a prize!
서울의 과거와 현재를 볼 수 있는 한양도성에 외국인과 함께 투어할 한국인 대학생 봉사자를 모집합니다.아름다운 역사이야기가 있는 한양도성에 여러분을 초대합니다! (1365 봉사시간 부여)

Date 일시

April 22nd (Sunday),  gather at 13:00PM

4월 22일 일요일 오후 1시

Registration Period 등록기간

Until 15:00, 19th of April

4월 19일 3시까지

Eligibility 지원자격

Foreigners: Any expats in Korea who are aged from 20 to 50 years old and who are active on social media.

(Please note that this tour includes three-hour trekking, which is not suitable for children and the elder.)

한국인: 외국인과 함께 한양도성을 투어하고 봉사에 참여하실 한국인 대학생


Selected participants will receive an email before the event.

투어 이전에 이메일을 통해 개별 연락 드립니다.

Benefits for the participants 혜택

Water and snacks provided during the tour.

Dinner will be provided in Tongin Traditional Market after the tour.

Preparation 준비물

Proper clothes and shoes for Hanyang Doseong trekking (This tour includes 3 hour trekking.)

Course A

Course A (Four hours, 13:00~17:00): Donuimun(Kwanghwamun) – Inwang Mountain – Tongin Traditional Market

인왕산구간 (4시간 13:00pm ~ 17:00pm): 돈의문-> 인왕산 -> 창의문 -> 통인시장(전통시장)

Course B

Course B (Four hours, 13:00~17:00): Samseon Bridge – Samcheong parrk – Sukjeong Gate – Tongin Traditional Market

백악구간 (4시간 13:00pm ~ 17:00pm) 혜화문(삼선교) -> 삼청공원 -> 숙정문 -> 창의문 -> 통인시장

Note 특이사항

Instructions 참가자 안내

1) Choose either A or B course on the application form and gather at the designated meeting point of your course.

신청자는 A, B 두 구간 중 한 곳을 선택 신청하고 지정된 모임장소에서 모여 출발

2) Participants(Foreigner) challenge: Take nice photographs during the tour and post them on your Facebook or Instagram, with your own reviews. Refer to the guidance email, which will be sent before the tour and submit your work after the tour by the deadline. The fifteen best review writers will be awarded a gift certificate.

1.Review must be written by yourself and must have in proper length.

2.Each review has to include at least five photographs.

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What people say.
Melissa Cantu

Even though the weather was bad, and we didn’t get to see everything we were suppose to due to the rain, it was still a great event and our tour guide was lovely! She answered a lot of my questions about the City Wall. I hadn’t been to the Tongin market yet and it was great to visit and see what it was all about. Thank you Funday Korea Networks!!!

Barry Smith

I think this a great opportunity to promote Korean culture but i find it hard to endorse a project with age restrictions as there is enough ageism in this country!