Moonlight Seoul City Wall Tour 2018

Introduction 소개

In the moonlight of a beautiful summer night, 130 friends from 41 countries in the world have joined together in the tour to Seoul City Wall last June 23rd. Learning how to make Hopae – the style of Identification tag from Joseon Dynasty, visiting the Doseong Museum – where collects all the memories of historical artifacts relating to the transformation of the city and walking along the 600 years-old Wall have become the best memories in every participant. Built in 1396, even though some part were demolished through the wars and modernization, the Wall still keeps its original form with the ancient beauty. With one side of light-crowded Seoul and one side of history, walking along the Wall helped all the participants enjoyed the Korean history than ever. Under the moon of summer in June, all of us have been also experienced amazing traditional songs performed by Gayageum – a Korean traditional zither-like string instrument.

Date & Time 일시

Saturday, June 23rd

From 16:00 to 20:00

Program 프로그램

1. Hopae making (Identification tags of Joseon Dynasty)

2. The Seoul City Wall Museum tour

3. Photo taking at Seoul City Wall & souvenirs

4. O/X Quiz & gifts (Special M.C – Suzanna Oh, the Senior Advisor of Daesung Corp.)

5. Korean traditional performances (20~30 minutes)

And… ★ The best video & photo review contest!

Number of Participants 참가인원

130 participants from 41 countries all over the world

Contest Winners

The winners will receive an individual email about how to receive the prize.

Video Contest First Place: Zyanya Marentes

Special thanks to Zyanya Marentes for her amazing commentary on the Seoul City Wall.

Follow her on @bananamilktv at instagram, and subscribe to her youtube channel on @bananamilktv.

Video Contest Second Place: Sheinel Arla O.Borlado & GALVEZ Rita Maria Carmen

Special thanks to Sheinel Arla O.Borlado and GALVEZ Rita Maria Carmen for their beautiful video on Hanyang Doseong.

Follow them on instagram at @cocosheinel and @awesomanity respectively.



Location 위치

Naksan Mountain 낙산공원