Promotional video team recruitment

♠♠ Create an exiting video and get a chance to win 1,000,000 WON ♠♠

FundayKoreaNetworks is currently seeking to recruit three video production teams who are capable of filming and editing a high quality promotional video of the Seoul City Wall, which is a 600 year-old fortress of Seoul city. Each team will film the beauty of the Seoul City Wall in the style of different themes and stories while taking a tour to the Seoul City wall on the 22nd of September along with an expert and five foreign voluntary models. Depending on the grade, a total of 1,000,000WON will be awarded to the teams! If you are a good fit, please take a look at the details below and apply!

Basic Requirements

♠ Application must be made as a team that consists of at least two members that take on different roles.

♠The team must be experienced with a certain number of completed video productions.


1) Certificate of activity issuance.


*1st place   – 500,000WON.

*2nd place  – 300,000WON.

*3rd place  – 200,000WON.

♠Application deadline: Until September 14th (Fri)


What will be done & how to apply?

-At first plan a theme and concept then set up a team after that submit your application for the contest.

-After the selection announcement, attend a pre-meeting with the other teams.

-Submit the hardcopy/softcopy of your concept during the time of pre-meeting.

-After analyzing the concepts the team would be finalized.

-Gather at the venue on September 22nd, and proceed to film. (5 foreign voluntary models and a Hanyang Doseong expert will be there to be in the video.

-Submit your video before the deadline.

-Wait for the announcement of the winners.


We are also recruiting three male voluntary models (foreigners) for this project!

If you are interested, please email us at (Kakao: funday1).

*Model activity certificate will be issued*

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