2018 Foreign volunteer activities for community service program!

Funday Korea Network recruited around 10 volunteer form several countries for mentoring the children from multicultural families on the first phase of this year 2018. The basic theme of the program was “Dreams and hopes of a better future’.The orientation was about “Child psychological and ethical mindset building strategy”. In this program they teaches the students about behavioral consequences for the welfare of others, even for society as a whole to build of their strong moral personality.
The core purpose of this program was to teach the children about how they will be more familiar with different religious, cultural, and other groups and somewhat have different ideas about what is right and wrong under different circumstances.
The program is not only about mentoring the students, also the volunteers has got various interesting experience like visiting historical museum,free participation of Funday Rooftop Party with the children’s as well as receive an opportunity to learn about various thing about the Korean history and Culture.

Given Benefits by Funday Korea Networks

-Volunteer certificate.

-Fee Entry for the two days of camping at the Han River.

(includes one meal, accommodation and souvenir)

-A small token of appreciation for participation.

– A photo-book detailing the volunteer program given to all participants.

Objectives of the Program

-Mentor students from multi-cultural families

-Introduce and share your country’s culture and language

-Learn and understand more about the unique multi-cultural families in Korea

Program Schedule

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