Foreign volunteer students for community service program!

♠Dreams and hopes of a better future♠

We are recruiting foreign student volunteers who would like to be mentors to youths from multi-cultural families!!!

This program will allow the participants to develop a global mindset, and a broader perspective on the world and society!

Basic Requirements

♠ University students presently enrolled in Korean universities or university graduates

♠ Topik Korean Proficiency Level 3 and above


-Volunteer certificate

-Entry fee of the 2D1N camp in the Han River Festival

(Meals, accommodation, and souvenir included)

-A small token of participation incentive

※ A photobook detailing the volunteer program will be made and given to all participants.


Ten foreign students

♠Application deadline: 

Until July 9th (Mon)

♠To register:


※All program events are to be conducted on a voluntary basis. (Please note that excursion fees are excluded.)

Program Objectives

-Mentor students from multi-cultural families

-Introduce and share your country’s culture and language

-Learn and understand more about the unique multi-cultural families in Korea

Program Schedule

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